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How to Write Dream House Essays

dream house essays guide

Dream house essays are more creative and require more imagination on the part of the student than other essays do. A dream house essay does not rely on facts but on fantasies about the house one has dreamt to live. However, a very creative person may not be good at words and while his dream house looks better to him, the words used in his dream house essay may not give it away well. This article provides tips on writing dream house essays to help such students.

Dream house essay tip 1:

Your dream house is a reflection of you. A dream house when described properly shows some part of the personality of the writer. Hence, it is important to write from the heart without worrying about what others would think. So if your dream house is a tree house, don’t be afraid to say so.

Dream house essay tip 2:

Describe the area of the house – how big it is, whether there's a garden in front of it, a garage to go with, the surroundings, etc.

Dream house essay tip 3:

Provide details about the rooms within the house – the kitchen, the dining room, the study room, bedrooms, library, etc. If you are fond of music, you might want to include a sound-proof room with hi-tech speakers and music system. If photography is your thing, then a dark room for developing photographs may be included. Again, the point here is to be your true self and describe the dream house just as you see it without fear of being ridiculed.

Dream house essay tip 4:

Show, not tell is one of the fiction writing rules and applies here as well. Don't just tell that there is a water fountain in front of your house, but also tell how much you enjoy watching the waters dancing to the tunes of music in multi-colored lights. This will help strengthen your dream house essay by involving the reader to see the house the way you do.

Writing a dream house essay can be easy if you can be your true self.

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